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  • 2022 Student of the Year:

    BCAVTS Student of the Year Award is a prestigious award given to just one senior per school year. Nominees are chosen based on qualities such as leadership, trustworthiness and responsibility in creating a progressive school environment while being respectful to both peers and teachers. A Student of the Year nominee must be a conscientious student, completing his/her assignments on time as well as demonstrating solid efforts to earn certifications. Lastly, Student of the Year nominees must exhibit outstanding behavior and have a sound attendance record. Each student must progress through a series of interviews in which he/she must be prepared to share an educational portfolio showcasing his/her accomplishments while answering a series of interview questions. To conclude the process, each nominee must give a speech at the closure of his/her final interview. We are proud to announce this year’s winner:

    Niven Hay
    Heavy Equipment
    Butler Area School District


Outstanding Student of the Month

  • 2021-2022 Outstanding Students of the Month:


    A BCAVTS Outstanding Student is chosen based on qualities such as character, leadership, honesty, responsibility, optimism and loyalty in creating a positive school environment. An Outstanding Student must be a diligent student, completing his/her assignments on time and showing strong effort to learn in class! Lastly, an Outstanding Student demonstrates excellent behavior, is well mannered, and is respectful to peers, teachers and all other staff members. 


    May 2022


    Jennifer Cichra-Machine Technology (Mr. Clouse)-Senior-Butler


    April 2022


    Jake Ritzert-Welding (Mr. Petronelis)-Senior-Butler


    March 2022


    Erika Clendenning-Culinary Arts (Mr. Barczak & Mrs. Collins)-Senior-Butler


    February 2022


    Rebeccah Rodgers-Sports Medicine (Dr. Hindman)-Junior-South Butler County


    January 2022


    Isabella Steele-Haller-Collision Repair (Mr. Peters)-Senior-Karns City


    December 2021

    Kylee Schellman

    Kylee Schellman-Cosmetology (Mrs. Ellison & Mrs. Rocco)-Senior-Seneca Valley


    November 2021

    Meghan Schell

    Meghan Schell-Graphic Design (Mrs. Clutter)-Senior-Slippery Rock


    October 2021

    Lane Grossman

    Lane Grossman-Heavy Equipment (Mr. Rearick)-Senior-Moniteau