Learning Support Services

  • A successful learning experience at BCAVTS is our primary concern. Assistance is available to students experiencing difficulty in his/her program of study. The Learning Support staff will assist students in preparing for exams, completing assignments, and working on program of study projects. Classroom instructors will schedule individual and small group instruction sessions for those students needing additional aid. Support is provided to students who choose to continue their training in a post-secondary school. Information concerning loans, grants, and scholarships is available. Counseling to help a student select the right school is provided. During the second year of training, students will focus on further development of job seeking skills. A professional resume and cover letter will be created.


    Support Services Coordinator:  Mr. Clark Morton 724-282-0735 ext. 230

    Special Education Teacher:  Mrs. Amy Dittman, M.L.S. 724-282-0735 ext. 267

    Special Education Teacher:  Ms. Angela Smarto, M.Ed. 724-282-0735 ext. 271