• About the Program (CIP Code 32.0105)

    Diversified Occupations is a one-year, senior only class designed specifically for students to obtain transferable job skills across any discipline.  While there are 15 other programs of study at BCAVTS, Diversified Occupations allows us to work with students to set up cooperative education placements in fields we don’t offer.  For example, we do not offer a program related to dental hygienists, however, we can place a student at a dental office under diversified occupations.  Rather than focusing on the specific job skills needed to be a hygienist, the class itself focuses on subjects such as time management, understanding criticism, and budgeting. 

    Unlike capstone, which is a co-op placement within a program of study we offer at BCAVTS, this class meets weekly on Tuesdays.  All other days/shifts should reach a minimum of 20 hours Monday through Friday, while still being in accordance with state law.  Time not spent at BCAVTS in this program is reserved for completing core coursework for graduation.

    Other Features of This Class:

    • Resume/Portfolio Building
    • Understanding Company Goals, "The Big Picture"
    • Understanding Different Work Environments
    • Workers' Rights