• About the Program (CIP Code 47.0603)

    A student in the Collision Repair/Auto Body program will be introduced to careers centering on the replacement and repair of automobile and light truck bodies and body parts. New classroom technology includes working with a touch-mix computerized paint mixing system and creating customized paint films. A cost estimating area, resistance welder, paint gun cleaner, paint recycling system, fresh air breathing system for the paint booth, and hydraulic lift will be used daily by students as they complete curriculum objectives. Instruction utilizes the I-CAR curriculum presented through 50% theory and 50% application/practical skills with assessment of both portions reflected in each student’s grade.


    Hand and Power Tools
    Dent Repair/Removal
    Collision Related Detailing
    MIG Welding
    Replacement of Body, Panel, and Trim

    Recommended High School Courses:

    Industrial Arts
    Mathematics - Basic Math, Algebra I and II, Geometry
    Computer Basics
    Applied Sciences, Chemistry, Physics



    Industry Recognized/Providers

    • Automotive Lighting/I-CAR
    • Bolted-On Exterior Panels/Part 1/I-CAR
    • Bolted-On Exterior Panels/Part 2/I-CAR
    • Hazardous Airborne Pollutant Reducation/I-CAR
    • Hazardous Material Storage and Disposal/I-CAR
    • I-CAR Certification(s)/I-CAR
    • Intro to Collision Repair Process Overview/I-CAR
    • Intro to Refinishing and Corrosion Protection-Part 1/I-CAR
    • Intro to Refinishing and Corrosion Protection-Part 2/I-CAR
    • Intro to Safety Systems/I-CAR
    • Intro to Tools, Equipment and Attachment Methods-Part 2/I-CAR
    • Intro to Tools, Equipment and Attachment Methods-Part 1/I-CAR
    • Intro to Vehicle Construction Materials/I-CAR
    • Intro to Vehicle Parts Terminology-Part 1/I-CAR
    • Refinishing Equipment/I-CAR
    • Removing and Installing Exterior Trim, Pinstrips and Decals/I-CAR
    • Removing and Installing Hardware Interior Trim/I-CAR
    • Surface Preparation and Masking/I-CAR
    • Vehicle Consturction Material Types/I-CAR
    • Section 609 Certification for Refrigeration Recycling and Recovery/National Institute for Autmotive Service Excellence
    • S/P2 Automotive Service Safety/S/P2
    • S/P2 Automotive Service Pollution Prevention/S/P2
    • S/P2 Collision Repair & Refinish Safety/S/P2


    BCAVTS Additional and/or Details to Industry Recognized/Providers

    • ALLVIS (Laser frame measuring system)
    • Aluminum Welding
    • Mig Welding
    • EPA Refrigerant Recovery (auto a/c)
    • LORD Fusor® Bumper Repair
    • S/P2 Soft Skills
    • S/P2 Supervisor’s Course

    Articulation Agreements:

    • Ohio Technical College
    • Universal Technical Institute


    Upon successful completion of the NOCTI skill and written exams, students may receive six technology credits from Butler County Community College’s Industrial Management Technology program.