• Computer Networking


    About the Program (CIP Code 11.0901)

    A student in the Computer Networking and Security program will be introduced to the creative technologies related to supporting and networking computer systems in both theory and direct application. The fundamentals of media, network layout, network design, protocols, standards, network implementation, and network support will be presented. Problem solving and analytical skill development are taught and supported within the classroom structure.



    Basic Computer Theory
    Desktop Operating Systems
    Installation, Upgrade, and Support of Software
    Hardware Repair and Troubleshooting
    Virus Detection and Elimination
    Networking Essentials
    Network Cable Installation
    Network Configuration and Administration
    Internet Connections
    Electronic Voice, Data, and Text Communication

    Recommended High School Courses:

    Mathematics - Basic Math, Algebra I and II, Geometry
    Computer Basics, Computer Theory
    Applied Science, Chemistry, Physics
    Principles of Accounting


    Industry Recognized/Providers

    • A+/Computer Technology Industry Association
    • IT Fundamentals/Computer Technology Industry Association
    • Network+/Computing Technology Industry Association
    • Security+/Computing Technology Industry Association
    • Network Pro/Test Out
    • PC Pro/Test Out
    • Security Pro/Test Out

    Articulation Agreements:

    The Computer Networking and Telecommunications program currently offers advanced placement opportunities with these post-secondary schools:

    • BC3 (Butler County Community College)
    • Erie Institute of Technology
    • PTC (Pittsburgh Technical College)

    Upon successful completion of the NOCTI skill and written exams, students may receive six technology credits from Butler County Community College’s Industrial Management Technology program.