SkillsUSA District 10 Results

District 10 Sign


2018-2019 SkillsUSA District 10 Competition Results
(Gold Medal and *Bye students will compete at the state level in Hershey, PA on April 9-12, 2019)


Congratulations to all students who participated and competed! It takes a great deal of courage, strength, and dedication.


 Medal  Contest Student Name Course Home District GD
 Gold  HVAC Jacob McCloskey AC B 12
 Gold  Nail Care McKenzie McCardle CS B 12
 Model  Nail Care Maria Pascazi CS B 11
 Gold  Advertising Design Natalie Cherry GD B (HS) 12
 Gold  Collision Repair Technology Daniel Blair AB B (HS) 12
 Gold  Cabinetmaking John Fleishner CR KN 12
 Gold  Information Technology Services Roshan Nunna CN MA 11
 Gold  Precision Machining Carson Powell MT SR 11
 Gold  Job Interview (In house competition) Kylee Ackerman CS SV 12
 Bye  Bulletin Board Brielle Karns GD B 11
 Bye  Photography Danielle McDermott GD B 10
 Bye  Sheet Metal Michael Crawford AC B 12
 Bye  Welding Sculpture Riley Rodgers WE B 11
 Bye  Photography Victoria Davis GD B 12
 Bye  Bulletin Board Anastasia Starr GD MA 11
 Bye  Bulletin Board Ashton Rider GD SR 12
 Bye  Plumbing Zackary Zirkle BC SV 12
 Silver  Prepared Speech (Will compete for the state pin completion) Emma Clark GD B 12
 Silver  Culinary Arts Ian Thompson CA B 12
 Silver  Masonry George Martin, III BC KC 12
 Silver  Advertising Design Kade Peterson GD KN 12
 Silver  Commercial Baking Kayla Martinez CA KN 12
 Bronze  Job Skill Demonstration A Carissa Hanford CS B 12
 Bronze  Diesel Equipment Technology Clayton Dressler HE B 10
 Bronze  Teamworks John Michaels BC B 12
 Bronze  TeamWorks Caleb Kopp BC KC 12
 Bronze  Teamworks Cameron Blair BC KC 12
 Bronze  TeamWorks Tanner Schaffner BC KC 12
 Bronze  Extemporaneous Speaking Kolbi Brew GD KN 12
 Bronze  Carpentry Benjamin Isovitsch BC MO 12
 Bronze  Cosmetology Rheannon Guy CS SR 12